Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I so predicted this: TYR is selling wetsuits to triathletes and open water swimmers!

TYR created more tech-suit products than any other swimsuit brand and FINA pretty much discriminated against the company at every turn. Hence, in self-defense it appears to me that TYR is heading for friendlier waters. i.e. Hello triathletes and a friendly national governing body!

All those investment dollars are now being placed where they are most appreciated: Triathlons, triathletes, non-sanction USMS/FINA open water swimmers!

The Exodus of investment dollars begins. The triathlete above is named Andy Potts.

From Slowtwitch.com

At the 2009 Interbike trade show in as Vegas, TYR is introducing a line of wetsuits, something that has been missing in the portfolio of the Huntington Beach, CA company with the slogan "Made for swimmers by swimmers."

[ there will be three lines of wetsuit - go to the link below and read about it.]

According to TYR, this line of wetsuits has been 2 years in the making and they were getting quite a bit of feedback from 2007 Ironman 70.3 World Champion Andy Potts in the process, but the brand has been around for about 25 years without wetsuits. That of course begs the question, why now, after all these years without? There are many brands of wetsuits on the market now, and it appears that more and more new brands are jumping into the game.


That "Voldemort guy" in the UK said this wouldn't happen either!


Scott said...

Boy, you're serious about not mentioning his name again aren't you?

Tony Austin said...

Oh, yeah! I feel he was the guy responsible for driving all the rhetoric against tech-suits and other clueless journalists copy pasted his stuff just so they seem swimmingly knowledgeable

just a fan said...

I have no opinion on whether the suits should stay or go - but what about all of those swimmers who got quoted as saying they didn't like the suits and were happy to go back to textiles. Basically, it didn't just seem to be uh, voldemort.

Were those swimmers afraid of change, didn't like having to keep up with tech fabrics, didn't like wearing the things or didn't see that the suit hype would go away and focus would go back to their 'hard work' once it settled down.. I have wondered.

Tony Austin said...

Swimmers are allowed to rock the Zeitgeist. Journalists are not!

There is only one "Lord Voldemort" - he is the "journalist" who is more grammatically challenged than I am.

Scott said...

He's also the individual who was just awarded the 2009 ASCA (American Swimming Coaches Association) Media Award for outstanding coverage of swimming. As Tony has implied 'the man who shall not be named' was in the forefront of those calling for the banning of technosuits. Apparently however, despite not being able to count Tony himself as a fan, the writer seems to be quite popular in the swimming world. ;D

Tony Austin said...

The fix was in on that vote! John Leonard was biased and he picked a journalist that validated all his own personal biases.

In November I am going to write something about a deposition that is going to take place which will explain a lot about that personal bias.

As for Voldemort, he writes terribly - worst than I do.

Tony Austin said...

Scott, here is Voldemort's opening sentence to a article he just wrote about Stephanie Rice:

"...Double Olympic champion Stephanie Rice was said to be below best in Rome at world championships in July, her time gain over 200m medley down to the use of a certain 100% polyurethane suit. ..."


And this wanker won ASCA best journalist award.