Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Australian blog post on what is wrong with Commonwealth journalism in the wake of the Australian pedophile scandal.

Behind the Blocks speaks up as to how both Commonwealth journalism and the Swimming Australia PR machine work shoulder-to-shoulder to protect their own from scandal despite the potential plight of the victims and their families.

Here is some background on the scandal involving Swimming Australia Coach Terry Buck: [Link]

Here are some snippets:

Nicole Jeffry knew her article needed to be a positive spin for Swimming Australia (which is understandable, because if you don't sugarcoat things for SA, you will get cut off, and I understand she needs that - it's her career) but man, it's interesting that the first article out from her managed to turn everything on the victims by stating what had happened over the course of the day, then posting all the 'defences' in favour of Terry from the early '00s.


And who the hell is that random woman who decided to tell everyone that her daughter wasn't molested by Terry, so clearly, no other child would have been. I'm not one for name-calling; (or perhaps I am), but really, [offensive word IMHO deleted]?

Just a thought - I don't think 29 people in the past decided to just band together out of nowhere and decide to accuse someone of molestation. ..."


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Cheers for posting this! Apologies for my use of the r word!