Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Sublime venues for open water races

Welcome to the Fijian island of Vatu Vara! - Wiki: "The island is 3km in diameter at the base of its 305 m high summit and is also referred to as "Hat Island" due to the summit's shape. The limestone cliffs, some 60 meters in height, of the guyot [guyout?] and the rest of the island are covered in dense tropical jungle. ..." I suspect Tom Hanks spent some time there in the movie Castaway.

Geothermal plumbing keeps this Icelandic lake warm in the middle of winter even while it was snowing? Welcome to Iceland's Blue Lagoon home to "ice and fire."

Welcome to Plitice Croatia. The azure green water changes color depending on the mineral content among other factors as water pours in from the surrounding mountains.


Chris DeSantis said...

Having been to the blue lagoon I can tell you it looks even better in person and the drive from the airport to there is worth the price of admission.

Tony Austin said...

Could an open water swim event be held there? I want to to do it if it is possible.