Friday, December 04, 2009

Pay the ladies, pay the gentlemen to swim!

I read in both Swimming World and The Guardian that 1st tier European swimmers such as Federica Pellegrini, Paul "Der Hammer" Biedermann, and Jo Jackson have not been swimming much this fall and they won't be swimming in the Duel in the Pool meet coming up. Perhaps these individuals need more incentive, such as some adding some zeroes to the numerals in their fees?

Swimming World article: [Link]

The Guardian article: [Link]


Anonymous said...

That could be a reason for some absences. Although, to be fair to Jackson, she has had a "severe respiratory infection" for 6 weeks and I'm sure she would have swum otherwise because all the other best swimmers from the UK are and the UK feels a need to not 'let the side down' swimming at home.

It's not good though. At the Beijing Olympics, if you add all of the swimming gold medals all of the European countries got, they still only got 9 to the US's 12 and only three of those European countries have been invited to participate in this Duel.

Therefore, an US win is a foregone conclusion and that means not as good a competition for viewers? I want 'Europe' to have a chance :D (germany, italy and the uk are definitely not Europe.)

Anonymous said...

Tony, Paul B not swimming this fall? Read SwimNews, catch up those world records der hammer has been setting. The reason he's not at the duel is because he's racing in Russia the day before and can't get to England.

Tony Austin said...

Le me clarify, Paul Biedermann is not swimming in Duel in the Pool meet which was is to be televised in America.

When wrote that I should have been more clear. In my biased opinion swimming on TV in the US against Michael Phelps is more serious and presumably more profitable for his sponsor than swimming a meet in Russia.

I am not reading the blog you mentioned and I am in the early stages of building a second site that will challenge it.