Thursday, December 03, 2009

Speedo Press Release: The Speedo LZR Elite is now available!

The new Speedo LZR Elite hits the pool swimming. Here is a press release. I put the prices in bold and note they also include all the athletes they sponsor. I didn't know that Speedo signed Park Tae Hwan:

LOS ANGELES (December 3, 2009) – SPEEDO®, the world’s leading swimwear brand, has launched the Speedo LZR Racer Elite – its new evolution of performance swimwear inspired by the record-breaking Speedo LZR Racer suit. A new generation of advanced textile swimsuit, the LZR Racer Elite offers a distinctive combination of cutting-edge fabric, design and construction for a smoother shape, reduced drag and optimal flexibility; all within FINA’s new rules for 2010 and compliant with rules governing collegiate, high school and club swimming in the United States. The LZR Racer Elite will make its U.S. debut at the 2009 USA Swimming Short Course Nationals in Federal Way, Wash. (Dec. 3-5).

“Speedo has supported me throughout my career and has always provided me with the best technology,” said Michael Phelps, Speedo-sponsored swimmer and the most decorated Olympian of all time. “I’m excited about the launch of Speedo’s new generation suits under the FINA 2010 rules and look forward to competing in the new Speedo LZR Racer Elite suit at the upcoming Duel in the Pool meet and beyond.”

Developed in the Speedo Aqualab and utilizing the technology developed for the Speedo LZR Racer suit, the Speedo LZR Racer Elite incorporates the same fully bonded construction with ultrasonically welded seams for the ultimate smooth, flexible and streamlined surface. Made from exclusive ultra-lightweight, low drag LZR Pulse® fabric, the suit is engineered to fit the swimmer’s body for a streamlined shape while reducing muscle oscillation, enabling them to cut through the water more efficiently. Also featuring Speedo’s unique 3D, three-piece dynamically engineered pattern for optimum fit and shape, the Speedo LZR Racer Elite is Speedo’s most advanced performance racing suit.

“For over 80 years, Speedo has consistently pioneered swimsuit innovations,” said Paula Schneider, President of Speedo USA. “The LZR Racer Elite is the newest generation of Speedo’s high performance swimwear and is designed, under the new FINA rules, to continue to help the athlete perform at his / her best. As we move forward in to 2010 and look ahead into 2012, Speedo’s commitment to the sport of swimming continues at every level, from grassroots to elite.”

The new Speedo LZR Racer Elite suit is available in the male Jammer silhouette and female Recordbreaker Kneeskin and Recordbreaker silhouettes. Beginning this December, the LZR Elite will retail at and through Speedo Team Dealers for $270 - $375, depending on the silhouette.

Within this new generation Speedo LZR Racer range, the brand is also set to debut the new Speedo LZR Racer Pro suit in Spring 2010. Featuring a high durability variant of the LZR Pulse fabric and the same 3D pattern as the LZR Racer Elite series, the LZR Racer Pro will round out Speedo’s most comprehensive, technically advanced range of textile race suits, all compliant to FINA 2010 regulations.

Team Speedo swimmers include Olympic Medalists Michael Phelps (USA), Natalie Coughlin (USA), Ryan Lochte (USA), Katie Hoff (USA), Libby Trickett (AUS), Eamon Sullivan (AUS), Park Tae Hwan (KOR) and Rebecca Adlington (GBR).

SPEEDO® is a registered trademark of and used under license from Speedo International Ltd. Warnaco Swimwear, Inc., a division of The Warnaco Group, Inc. (NYSE: WRC), is the authorized licensee of the SPEEDO® trademark in North American and the Caribbean.

My take: It's undeniable, the womens suit is a tech-suit without a zipper.


john said...

Dear USA swimming, Bob Bowman and Mark Schubert,

Thank You for helping swimming families in the United States and all over the world save money but getting rid of those cheating suits, so that speedo can once again stake a claim as the best suit on the markert.
Swimmers of all ages are so grateful for you all taking a stand against rival companies that were making more durable suits than any that speedo made.
We will glady pay $260 or more for a jammer from speedo, when we use to be able to get a full body B70 for just a little bit more.
We look forward to following your every word as you all proclaim that if "you want to be in the medal hunt, you must wear speedo products"
Thank You! Thank You!!!

A Life Long Swimming Fan

G. John Mullen said...

$ comment necesary.

Tony Austin said...

The woman's suit is going for $340 and I feel the surface area can nearly justify that cost. When you look at the jammer that has only 15%-20% the surface area, well, even if the material was wetsuit rubber would it deliver that sort of value.

maly said...

if arena follow the same pricing policy than in europe where they are cheaper than speedo : they could win customers in the us market . arena are signing more us swimmers so i think that they are targetting the us market .

Tony Austin said...

I think Speedo made a mistake being first to market. Their price point is going to be severely attacked. Arena, blueseventy, TYR will respond with a less expensize suit.

Babelfish French translation:

Je pense le Speedo fait une erreur étant premier à lancer sur le marché. Leur point des prix va être sévèrement attaqué. L'arène, blueseventy, TYR répondra avec moins de costume d'expensise.

Lucas said...

I am looking forward to B70, Arena and Tyr to slash the price down, with suits just as good or even better... and now that they have some of the best athletes in the world signed as well, it will be great to see speedo going down, again!

Anonymous said...

I'm here at the USA SC Nationals and its boring. Can't see NBC being interested in putting anything on TV when virtually no meet records are broken. Dagny, Dana and Adrian have been fun to watch. Otherwise, most fans here think the ban on the hi tech suits was instigated by Speedo to regain its market share. As for the women's LZR Elite, the female swimmers say its like swimming in a FS II Pro. So save the the $360 and buy a $150 FS II Pro. The $260 for the Speedo Jammers is a joke. We're going to be looking at Arena and TYR. Schubert is tied to Speedo and so is USA Swimming. I believe the swimmers and the parents are getting screwed.

Tony Austin said...

I am occasionally speaking with Speedo PR and I have voiced my opinion which matches yours and I mentioned Schubert is the smoking gun.

Both the Speedo suit and the new b70 are made of the same material. B70 is getting it cheaper because it has something to do with the Euro versus the dollar. Both use Teflon filaments and Chlorine degrades Teflon.

The most either company can charge is $100 at best.

I was asked by a swimmer what he should do since I have been researching materials for the past 6-months and found some exciting fabric that mimics a lotus leaf. (They float and canot get wet), and what I told him to do was get a pair of $29 jammers, a bottle of Teflon spray, and spray puppy and once if is good an coated, iron the Teflon into the fabric.

I may be in denial but I believe tech suits will be back in 2012. It's a temporary exile. What good is paying athletes tons of money if they, like me will be spray coating $29 jammers or briefs?