Thursday, January 07, 2010

GoSwim has released a FREE iPhone app!

Opening line for the GoSwim iPhone application description at the iTunes store: Welcome to the GoSwim app. You are about to become a better swimmer!... and that is not hype or a "boardwalk pitch."

This is most important iPhone/iPod Touch app for swimming ever released! I kid you not! I can think of no better coaching or technical reference tool when trying to teach a swimmer a new drill or as a de facto example of fine technique when a computer is not available! Read that as on deck, in a restaurant, at a social gathering, or on a plane.

What makes us important or significant is what we contribute to one another not necessarily what we know and definitely not by how much money we make. Having access to immediate data not only defines what we can share, it makes each of us even more valuable to one another.

This app is free, it is fun, and it's an asset.


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EVK4 said...

I downloaded it in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep. Excellent app!