Thursday, January 07, 2010

"Duel in the Pool" Nielsen ratings!

Nielsen Ratings for "Duel in the Pool" gathered a 0.7 share which is really bad but higher than Monster Energy Supercross, U.S. Snowboard Cross World Cup, NCAA Fall Highlight Show."

Constructive criticism: It needed a one-on-one with Milorad Cavic and Michael Phelps for 1-million bucks salted with a lot of trash talk and then followed by a one-on-one with Paul Biedermann and Phelps in the 200-free, and finally a one-on-one with Dara Torres and Britta Steffen for the same prize money!

That's entertainment!


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Tom said...

Showing it live might have helped. Still, I get the impression this event is very much a work in progress. The US vs Europe concept has a lot of potential but they have to have a stronger team for it to be a viable event.