Thursday, March 18, 2010

Geoff Huegill - defies age, defies skeptics and qualifies for the Commonwealth Games!

Talk about character, hard work, and redemption; its official: Geoff Huegill is going to the Commonwealth Games.

From the AGE

THE biggest loser last night became the biggest winner, when Geoff Huegill, 45 kilograms lighter than he used to be, won selection on his first Australian team since the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Huegill, who got back into the sport 16 months ago, won the 50-metre butterfly to qualify for the Australian team, 13 years after he made his first national team.

Please go read the article for details.


Tom said...

Incredible comeback. One of swimmings greatest ever?

138kg to 93kg weight loss.

WR in 2001 was only 0.02 seconds faster than the time he swam today.

23.46 leads the world by a clear 0.25 seconds.

At Commonwealths should be facing Roland Schoeman. 2001 World Champion vs 2005, 2007 World Champion.

TedBaker said...

Gives old fat guys hope the world over! That's awesome.

C said...

Good for him - well done, Geoff.

C said...

The article is right - Libby Trickett needs to come back, too!