Wednesday, May 19, 2010

'New York Times' - "2 Officials Say They Face Retaliation for Addressing Sexual Misconduct"

Coaches Mike Saltzstein and Ken Stopkotte have filed a formal complaint with the United States Olympic Committee against USA Swimming stating that they have been singled out due to their pointed opinions and criticisms regarding the current sex abuse scandals within the organization.

The complaint states that they both have been denied work and access to leadership positions within the organization but USA Swimming disagrees. A food fight ensues and the New York Times has it covered.

Karen Crouse has the details:

"...Jamie Olsen, a USA Swimming spokeswoman, said in an e-mail message Wednesday, “I’m told by Pat Lunsford that the reason Mike was not nominated was because in the last quad he’s only applied to work ONE meet.”

In response, Saltzstein said meet assignments were not applied for, but were handed out by Lunsford. He also provided an extensive list of completed assignments, starting with the 2008 Olympic trials..."


All kidding aside, I am seeing a very negative progression here from the original Associated Press coverage, to an ABC News: 20/20 report, then the ESPN: Between the Lines, coverage, now two articles in The New York Times, and USA Swimming still has no official child protection policy.

This fiasco started 6-months ago. Both the news media and the swimmers are demanding leadership from the "front" on his issue not from the "rear" like a "sheepherder." You don't build consensus as to what to do when the "wolves are spying on the flock", you identify the problem and organize a stop gap as fast as possible. The public and the news media don't see that being stop gap implemented as of yet.

I am at the point where I am wondering who will solve their most "pressing problem" first: USA Swimming or British Petroleum? Then ask yourself which problem is more complicated.

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