Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mark Savage and I attended the "TYR Swim Meet of Champions" - We had a blast!

Here are some photos I took with a couple included from Mark Savage. The photos Mark took today are some of the best swimming shots he has ever done. I will be posting them soon. I am exhausted right now but you will see more tomorrow.

Also, Kate Ziegler is quite friendly and smiles a lot. She is gracious and kind and was quite accessible to the kids seeking autographs.

The first two photos feature a swimmer in lane 4, final of the 50-free. I will post the name tomorrow.

The next two photos are of Tyler Clary swimming fly and back.

The next swimmer is, Madison, in Lane 4 during the 50-free final. Everything about her was perfect. Her stroke, her start dive, her winning finish, everything. She wasn't hard to look at either.

The final two photos are of Chloe Sutton in the 400 IM.

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Trev said...

Great shots. Would love to see the whole collection if you have an easy way to post it.