Monday, June 14, 2010

More photos of Chloe Sutton and Kate Ziegler at the '2010 TYR Swim Meet of Champions!'

The first photo is of Chloe Sutton on the blocks adjusting her goggles for the 200 free.

Below that is a photo of Kate Ziegler challenging Chloe after a turn. Kate was besting Chloe on every turn in that race but chloe would out power her on the "flats" so to speak.

I want to talk about turns and what I learned from Kate Ziegler: I watched a lot of great swimming last weekend such as meet records, new talent, etc. etc., and what really confused me was that most of the athletes were breathing off the turns which we are all taught not to do. It's like a double standard so to speak from pro to recreational racer but Kate Ziegler was not one of them.

Durnig the 200-free she did not breathe into nor out of her turn and she would gain a half-body length on Chloe but Chloe was very motivated and very strong and would out-power her. (Open water training perhaps?)

What Kate Ziegler taught me is that the pros who are disciplined enough to adopt breath control during the turns may be the ones that qualify for Olympic trials.

Photos by Tony Austin this time.


Anonymous said...

Two (or was it three?) years ago Kate Ziegler came down from altitude training to SMOC and shattered the WR in the 1500 set by Janet Evans with no suit. She must love that meet.

Trev said...

Great shots, Tony.

Tony Austin said...

Thanks, I grabbed a camera, I did not know how to work it, I handed it to Mark and said set me up. He changed the ISO to 400 and I went to town.

I got to learn to work the depth of field better an I need more lenses.

Thanks Trev. Looking forward to your next play.

Anonymous said...

This is chloe and I KNOW! I'm working on it. I've filmed my turns and I am working so hard to correct the problems. I can do them right in practice most of the time but its so hard. I am a very hard worker and I'm very disciplined. I have made great strides but it is going to take time for me to get used to them.

:( I'm trying!

Tony Austin said...

Please don't take anything I say seriously unless it is about art or marketing. I am sort of a swimming version of an arm-chair quarterback: All helmet and no team. ;-)

When I was watching you two race it was awesome. You two were the "A-List movie" stars at the Oscars and it was a great race. Kate really wanted to beat you and you had the heart of lion anytime she challenged.

As for your turns. The fact that you are aware of it means they are going to get better and better.


Anonymous said...

lol. haha..I think you are awesome! And I know I needed to be reminded of my turns :( Thank you for everything :)