Wednesday, June 23, 2010

BREAKING! News USA Swimming knowingly gives a positive reccomendation to a banned coach!

Everett Uchiyama, was accused of sexual abuse by a 30-or-so-year-old woman who stated the abuse began when she was just 14-years-old. these events were chronicled by Associated Press here: [Link]

Uchiyama, was later placed on the banned list of coaches yet USA Swimming "brass" in plural tense gave Uchiyama a solid recommendation, if not glowing, to The Country Club in Colorado Springs who hired him as a swim coach.

It is time for, Chuck Wielgus, and all those connected to the Everett Uchiyama endorsement to step down or be summarily fired by the USA Swimming board of directors. It is time for the USOC to exert pressure and insist on real reforms and not numerous, "band aid," press releases.

Age Groupers cannot tolerate an organization that is not putting both their interests and safety first. If this was any other professional sports organization, this would not be acceptable to anyone, especially the board of directors or the players.

From Swimming World:

"... Documents reveal that a reference call was made to Pat Hogan, club development director for USA Swimming, on December 22, 2006. Pat Hogan was recorded as saying Uchiyama was "Fantastic – most popular employee in the organization." And that his initiative was "Outstanding".

The document indicates that Hogan said Uchiyama's reason for leaving was a "Personal Choice". When asked in the document whether Hogan would rehire Uchiyama, the document indicates a "Yes" answer including the following note: "(I was not his supervisor)". Uchiyama reported directly to Chuck Wielgus, Executive Director for USA Swimming. ..."



Glenn said...

Incredible. Denial denial denial until caught. Next comes denial that it wasn't in "my" department, then finger pointing, and then the ultimate. Hire more "performance consultants".

livefreeswimhard said...

Im not even shocked. Just waiting to see how these clowns respond. Have you seen the comment section at Swimming World? .....When does the wall officially go up?

Tony Austin said...

They are all press releases and no rules! And the rules they do have, they don't follow.

Tony Austin said...

July 1st, but you can leave comments there now if you would like?