Wednesday, June 23, 2010

South African Olympic backstroker: Charlene Wittstock to marry Prince Albert of Monaco!

Notice how there is no photo of the couple included in this post? Every photo of both the Prince of Monaco and his soon to be bride are tied up at news agencies and stock photo houses.

Nonetheless, South African, Olympian, Charlene Wittstock, is to become a princess. She swam backstroke in the 2004 Athens games and apparently she has fallen in love with a Prince.

Her Swimming career as cataloged at Wikipedia:
She was a member of the women's 4×100 m medley South African team at the 2000 Summer Olympics, which finished fifth. She finished sixth at the 2002 FINA Short Course World Championships for the 200 m breaststroke. In 2005 she swam for University of Pretoria. On 13 April 2007 Wittstock regained her title as South Africa’s 50 m women’s backstroke champion when she completed the 50 m backstroke final at the Telkom SA National Aquatic Championships in 30:16 seconds, to finish third behind Australia’s Sophie Edington and Brazil’s Fabiola Molina. She has won several national titles over the years. She planned to compete in the 2008 Olympic games in China, which she said would be her swansong, but she did not qualify.[6] Previously she had been out of competitive swimming for 18 months with a shoulder injury. Wittstock said she would be swimming in Europe in the near future, hoping to better her times. "I have a year left of competitive swimming, and I just want to be the best I can be in that time. After that I want to get involved in charity work, and development work with athlete's commissions."
Her personal life as categorized by Wikipedia:
On 23 June 2010 she and Prince Albert II of Monaco became officially engaged, having been in a relationship since 2006.They had been seen together since 10 February 2006, at the opening ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics when Prince Albert was accompanied by Wittstock. They were seen again together at the Monaco Grand Prix. Albert and Wittstock attended the "Bal de la Rose" and the Princess Grace Awards Gala in 2009. They also attended the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Daniel Westling in Stockholm on June 19, 2010, as a couple.

When married, Wittstock is expected to take the style of Her Serene Highness as well as the title of Princess Consort of Monaco, a title previously occupied by the Prince's mother, Princess Grace of Monaco.
If you would would like to see a photo of her and Prince, take a peak at the new site I am building, it's called SwimWall and there I posted an Associated Press photo and article regarding the couple. Yes, I am credible now. Associated Press has trusted me with the keys to their content:
Let's hope Charlene gets him into the pool so he can lose 30-pounds-or-so swimming Masters, shave his head, change the rest of his look-and-feel by slipping him into black, Italian, suit with sharper lines, perhaps some Persol sunglasses; (they worked for Steve McQueen), a Bell & Ross watch, a tattoo of his royal crest, and then you will have a pretty macho guy rather than a stand-in for the guy who played Edward Norton's boss in the movie Fight Club.

The above paragraph is why I will still keep blogging and maintain this site. This will be the place where I post how I feel rather than trying to balanced.

Though SwimWall is not quite finished, I hope you like what I have done so far with SwimWall. I am going to add so more sections like Masters, Diving and more but most importantly, I want to build a way for you all to submit content and photos.

So, the site is almost finished but I had to share it sooner. Please submit your opinions of it if you like and I hope to launch on July 1st.

I have always believed that you all know more than I do and your suggestions will be considered meaningful to me. :-)


Trev said...

Swim Wall looks awesome! Can't wait until it officially goes live. Will you still be posting here?

Tony Austin said...

Yes, I will maintain the blog since this will be the place where I give my opinions. SwimWall will be for news and stuff.

Thanks for looking at it trev. :-)

Trev said...

Love that you'll be accepting user-generated content and photos. A true meeting place for the swim community.