Sunday, October 03, 2010

Commonwealth Games: Reality versus bias!

All the press coming out of Australia and Great Britain has been extraordinarily hostile towards both India and the event organizers.

From the Telegraph:

"... But there was one person in the stadium who found it an uncomfortable night after being roundly booed as he rose to make the opening speech during the formal part of the proceedings.

“India is ready,” proclaimed the hapless chairman of the Games organising committee, Suresh Kalmadi, adding: “There have been many challenges but we have been able to rise above them all.”

The hostile reaction from spectators, prompting a quizzical look from the Prince of Wales, showed exactly what they thought of such crowing.


What completely puzzles me about all this complaining is that if the conditions are as bad as the "Commonwealth press" say they are, then why did their respective countries send their teams or allow them to stay at the athlete's village in the first place? What the Telegraph fails to report is that the Australian team expressed satisfaction with the games as reported by IBN Live.

(Did you know that the Prince of Wales believes in homeopathy?)


TedBaker said...

It hasn't been good. Serious, not good. Athletes are getting sick, no toilets at the pool. Bit of a joke, really.

rajan said...

Really do u know the real story. The truth is that things r very good but because of bad publicity by our own press in start has given u all a free hand to be critics. Grow up and start to appreciate u will not get small.

Tony Austin said...

I am appreciating.

TedBaker said...

Have friends over there, Rajan. Food poisoning, no toilet at the pool... The pH balance in the race pool is off; on the last night of competition, visibility was limited to around 10m... It was not one of India's shining moments...

Hey, it's happened before: World Aquatic Games in Columbia and Ecuador, back in the 70's, where horrifying.