Saturday, October 02, 2010

USA Swimmer Sean Mahoney tests positive for banned stimulant: methylhexaneamine.

Of all the drug positives I have read about recently, it seems like it is always the ADD drugs, the asthma drugs, or the nasal decongestant drugs that are ruining careers.

I am beginning to wonder if the WADA drug list may be so harsh and Draconian in nature that global athletes at large are denied drugs that they possibly need or should have access too.

WADA does have their medical exemptions but, Ian Thorpe, is a prime example of an athlete having no allowable access to the drugs he needed when diagnosed with glandular fever; (Mono), because the recommended antibiotics had a steroidal compound within them. Hence, he had to take weaker medicines and his recovery took longer.

I would like to see a "general population" test by WADA to see what percentage of everyday people would test positive for banned substance. The results could be revealing in that they may show that the world's athletes are under-served in regards to medicines they may need.

From AFP: The 22-year-old Mahoney, who is a rising star on the USA swimming scene, tested positive for the banned stimulant methylhexaneamine, widely used a nasal decongestant but also found in recreational drugs.

The World Anti-Doping Agency added methylhexaneamine to its banned list this year. The drug increases alertness, delays fatigue and has a role in weight loss. It is also a popular ingredient in recreational "party pills" in New Zealand.


No response from Sean was mentioned. I suspect it will be along the lines of, I didn't know the flower oil supplement was "loaded," or I had bad allergies and I was feeling miserable!

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