Friday, October 08, 2010

Geof Huegill obtains Common Wealth gold in the 100-fly

Geoff Huegill takes home gold in the 100-meter fly breaking 52-seconds in the process. The Sydney Morning Herald article discusses his strategy for winning but the question begs, did he swim his own race? I think it was a risky strategy but it worked beautifully.

Here is a guy that overcame obesity, perhaps alcoholism, and even depression just by believing that he could do something perceived as impossible. He did so simply by putting one foot in front of the other and following a "road map" out of that dark place to the new heights he now resides.

This was no movie, it was Geoff Huegill.

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

''I can't believe it's taken me 10 years to break the 52-second mark again,'' he said on Friday, having swum 51.69s to break his own Games record set in 2002 in Manchester. ''It's been awesome. I woke up today and had a great sleep last night, almost nine hours, and a nice easy massage this morning. I just felt good in the water. It was just about getting out there, staying on Jason [Dunford], staying in control and really coming off the wall and bringing it home strong.''

Huegill is a scaled-down billboard for the powers of body and mind, the ability of man to see flaws and change them. Entrepreneur, humanitarian, TV presenter - these are all new hats he wears to set off that winning smile.


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