Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ryan Lochte's father and sister have been removed from their coaching positions at Daytona State College!

Ryan Lochte's father, Steve Lochte, was the head coach of Daytona State College swim team. His sister, Kristin Lochte, was the assistant coach. On December 2nd, that all changed. Both have been removed from their coaching positions at DSC and have been "reassigned" due to administrative concerns regarding positive drug tests, low student swimmer grades, the fact that Coach Lochte was arrested for a DUI last July and in the words of the Daytona News Journal: "...Offensive and racially charged posters lining the walls at the pool at an intramural competition in October..."

Since a lawyer is doing some of the talking in the article, I suspect Coach Lochte is going to fight this reassignment. From the Daytona News Journal:

Steve Lochte, who said he made a mistake and is in counseling, said the college removing him as coach is "very unfortunate and unfortunate for the swimmers who have traveled from around the world to swim for me." He continues coaching for his Daytona Beach Speed Swimming club where he is the executive director.

"I'm not going to fold up and die," Lochte said.


If the allegations in the article are true, I am so unimpressed. I have said it many times, what is it with swimmers and alcohol?

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