Monday, December 20, 2010

USA Today: "Lochte looking like an 8-medal threat for London"

Ryan Lochte had an impressive SCM World Championship. I was very surprised that he was able to capture 6-gold medals in all. Even USA Today is pronouncing that Lochte is an "...8-medal threat for London" come 2012, which after such an amazing SCM World Championship, is not hyperbole nor exaggeration, but... BUT.... Yeah, BUT! Some forget that the eighth gold medal that Phelps won in Beijing was hand delivered to him by Jason Lezak and the rest of the great swims put forth in the 4x100 relay. He is going to need fellow world record holders in all the relays he swims to match or beat Phelps gold medal haul.

"If he brings his A-game to the Olympics I don't have a chance," said Austrian rival Markus Rogan, who handed Lochte a couple losses at a recent short-course meet.

Rogan, Hungary's Laszlo Cseh and Clary are shaping up as the top challengers to Lochte in the medley events, where Phelps' status is in question.

"He has nothing to prove, that's the problem," said Rogan, who is not even sure Lochte's performance in Dubai will motivate Phelps. "He needs a little bit of a bigger jolt." (Adrian) that are eager to get into that category."

"I'm going to get right back in the pool," he said. "I'll take two or three days off for Christmas, but other than that it's right into training and then get ready for Shanghai."

I have no doubts that Lochte can achieve the same individual medal count as Phelps; (Read as sole-individual medal count as Phelps not including the relay medal count), but we are weak and losing ground in several disciplines as of late, namely: Breaststroke and backstroke. This will create significant adversity for our relays.

We need more breastrokers: "Paging, Ed Mosses, white courtesy telephone please!"

Aaron Peirsol has been to three Olympics and with medals earned in each of them he is definitely paced in the express line for the Swimming Hall of Fame but he is not immortal.

Matt Greevers is his current "American heir apparent" but in 2010 Greevers remained third-best in the world whereas, Camile LaCourt, and, Liam Tancock, owned the number one and two position respectively. In the 200-back it's all Ryan Lochte, Tyler Clary, and Rryosuke Irie. Consequently, we need to amped up Greevers in the sprints and find more backstrokers.


TedBaker said...

Shanghai 2011 and London 2010 are shaping up to be monster meets. What a crop of absolutely amazing athletes! And they're from everywhere.

I do think that USA Swimming still sets the bar in terms of both depth and individual brilliance but I also agree that the rest of the world is rising to that bar.

Lochte / Phelps in the 200 IM will be legend. Those two guys are going to take that swim to some completely other place by the time they're done.

Tony Austin said...

I highly doubt that Phelps will participate in the London Games. The fellow can barely make it to a pool if a golf course is nearby. He has become "Ian Thorpe II," the sequel.

Anonymous said...

"I have no doubts that Lochte can achieve the same individual medal count as Phelps."

If Phelps swims in London, the only "certain" gold for Lochte is 400IM (if Phelps doesn't do it).

Tony Austin said...

Phelps isn't going to show up

Anonymous said...

How can you be so sure?

Tony Austin said...

The long series of events from him complaining how unprepared he was in France, US Nationals, Pan Pacifics.

Bob Bowman talking up the arguments they had regarding getting him back into the pool in the recent ESPN article.

A no show in Dubai.

With all this said, he seems to be a guy who wants a new job.

TedBaker said...

Tony, I'd bet a paycheque on Michael Phelps being in London. In fact, I'll bet you right now that he'll be in London. Heck, I'll give you odds. I'd go 5-1.

Here's the deal: Michael Phelps goes to London, you write a post at the end of the Games acknowledging that tech suits were the single biggest mistake in the history of swimming and I, TedBaker, am the smartest, most knowledgable and best looking of all readers.

Phelps doesn't go to London, I will write a post in which I state that tech suits were the sport's potential savoir and I was an absolute idiot to not see that. Further, I will state that Tony Austin's little finger on his left hand knows more about swimming than I ever will, even if I lived 10 lifetimes.

You in?

Tony Austin said...

You're on!

I will put up $20 US as a donation in your name to Childrens Hospital Los Angeles if I Iose.

What charity will you donate to in my name if I win?

TedBaker said...

Told you I'd give you 5 to 1 so he - Phelps - doesn't go to London, I'll make a $100.00 donation to my local hospital in your name.

Frankly, I'm really looking forward to your post deriding tech suits! ;)

Tony Austin said...

HAHAHA - I smell victory.

Hey, LONDON? Are you "the" Ted Baker?

TedBaker said...

No to THE Ted Baker. Like the shirts, though...

Tony Austin said...

Me too... I like his taste in female models too