Monday, January 03, 2011

I am going to be reviewing 'blueseventy warmups' next week - Here are my first impressions!

I received two pairs, a womens pair and and mens pair. I gave the womens pair to Diane to "beta test" and she went on long walk in 42-degree weather just before a storm was about to roll in. She called me later and said, "I am not giving you these back, thanks for the Christmas present!" So it looks like I am buying them.

When I put on the hoodie, I was stoked, no wind sneaking in yet it felt breathable. I wore the sweats for only a short time and I am thoroughly impress as to how light they feel and how warm you stay. It was then that I realized what blueseventy is really best at and it is so obvious too yet you never see it in their branding message: Their stuff keeps you warm and comfortable.

Even when they made real techsuits instead of jammers, the suits kept you warm in between swims. I remember Joel telling me that when I was freezing at UCLA Masters meet wearing a textile techsuit while he looked composed. (That is a photo of Joel at the top of this post. Note the timers wearing sweaters and vests.)

When I finally got a blueseventy nero comp, I remember feeling warm and relaxed during a breezy meet in Long Beach between heats. Function is senior to form when it comes to comfort and blueseventy is good at both so far.


umm...Joel said...

Wow. That Joel guy makes a striking model!

Tony Austin said...

He is quite a handsome devil and he blogs too!