Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Will Laure Manaudou's former coach Philippe Lucas coach Federica Pellegrini?

The first video is Laure Manaudou in Athens 2004. Isn't her two beat kick so very symmetrical and her bend-at-the-elbow catch so thoroughly boss?

The second video is Federica Pellegrini at 2009 World Championships in Italy. Note the stall in her kick when she breathes. Note how long her reach is?

Dana Volmer is next to her and she kicks throughout the race. Could these two girls be faster if they had a six beat kick or is this laconic use of their kick keeping them more oxygenated for the back half?

Technique-wise I have to give it Manadou but technique dies not matter when you hold the WR!

French coach, Phillipe Lucas, the coach who helped Laure Manaudou reach her full potential has reportedly been approached by "masterless samurai," Federica Pellegrini, to make her even greater.

This is large!

From Le' Equipe with a Google translation:

"...And among the contenders: Philippe Lucas . La Gazzetta dello Sport revealed that the coach of Amaury Leveaux and Benjamin Stasilius would swell the ranks of potential coaches of former rival Laure Manaudou. (To be read in Team Friday) ..."

In a undisclosed location; (Auburn University with Brett Hawke), Laure Manaudou is in training with Batman. Let's see who wins, shall we?


Anonymous said...

I loved watching that....thank you--ws

Tony Austin said...

back atcha, kid!