Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Michael Phelps has a swim school - Personally, I think it should be called the Bob Bowman Swim School!

From Marketwire:
The Michael Phelps Swim School Is Coming to Greenwich, CT

GREENWICH, CT--(Marketwire - January 5, 2011) - The Michael Phelps Swim School is coming to Greenwich, CT. The methods and techniques taught to the world's greatest Olympic swimmer are now available for swimmers of all ability levels, ages 3-12. Classes will be held Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings at Greenwich Catholic School beginning January 15. Enrollment for classes is now open.

"Our school offers lessons from teachers trained in a comprehensive method of instruction developed over the last 30 years," said Michael Phelps Swim School CEO and Olympic coach, Bob Bowman. "Michael Phelps learned to swim in this program."

Students will not only receive swim instruction based on the motor skills of swimming (kicking, stroking, and rhythmic breathing), but also the mental preparation to understand the properties of water, in order to be better prepared to swim. Participants will learn personal safety, stroke technique, and rescue skills, as well as the mechanics of floating, how to achieve balance in the water, proper body positioning and optimal breathing practices.

"This school offers the finest lessons available. The combination of teaching physical and mental concepts has made our program a success for nearly 30 years and ensures each participant has the opportunity to become safe, comfortable, and confident in, and around, the water," says James Barone, General Manager, Michael Phelps Swim School, Greenwich, CT. "But it's not all work. We've taken our time in selecting the most competent instructors, who we then train to introduce these concepts in fun and imaginative ways."

About the Michael Phelps Swim School

The Michael Phelps Swim School is based in Baltimore, MD. The school boasts a learn to swim program geared toward all ages and abilities. Lessons from the Michael Phelps Swim School are the first step in a lifetime of aquatic safety and fitness. For more information on registration, please visit: [Link]


Anonymous said...

Not sure if Phelps is training or not for Worlds, but he IS working on his business, obviously.

Tony Austin said...

I think Phelps is retired. I also believe that missing the 2012 Olympics will be the greatest regret in his life for as they say in Hollywood, you are only as good as your last picture and missing the 2012 Olympics will crush four years worth of income.

He has nothing to prove but if you have the ability to remain on top of the game no matter what that game is, why squander the opportunities?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure Phelps continuing to swim will help with his endorsements. 8 for 8 in 2008. He's been branded as the Greatest. Olympian. Ever. But this may all change in 2012 if Lochte wins 9 medals...

Tony Austin said...

For Lochte to win 8 or 9 gold medals he will need strong back-up and do we have that strong back up in both the breaststroke and back stroke?

Anonymous said...

If people could forgive Spitz for coming out of retirement and embarrassing himself in 1992, they'll forgive Phelps for missing 2012 Games too. That is, if you're right and he is retired. His career has been nothing but success and as time goes by he'll become something like mythical creature who once existed in swimming world. OK I'm kidding now (sort of).

Why squander the opportunities? Because he's tired, winning doesn't make him happy or excited anymore, has no motivation, has enough money? It's his life, his choice. People should get over it. In 7 months, after Worlds, we'll have a much clearer picture of Phelps' intentions.

Tony Austin said...

Spitz came out of retirement for the money and only worked out a few days a week. (I think 3?)

I am speaking from a business point of view not an individual goal point of view.

Anonymous said...

So much can happen in 18 months and at the Olympic trials, but I wouldn't count out the U.S. in the relays. The 4x100 mr/fr will be extraordinarily tough competition, but the potential for gold is certainly there.

That said, Lochte has emerged at short course worlds as a world class flyer- his split in the medley was faster than all of the other flyers. Perhaps the 200 fly, 100/200 bk, 200/400 im, 200 fr, and maybe all 3 relays. The 100 fly? Peirsol made a go of it it - why not Lochte? Maybe the 100 fr? Amazing potential

Tony Austin said...

It's the French we have to fear. They have so many sprinters: Bousquet and Bernard are placed 2nd and 3rd overall last year.

Then there is the Russians too in the 4x200 relay.

The first American, Nathan Adrian, is rated 5th. Josh Schnieder is rated 9th.