Thursday, January 06, 2011

Sean Hutchinson is either "unresigned" or never resigned from FAST (Fullerton Aquatics Swim Team)

The Washington Post is a reputable newspaper and Amy Shipley is a reputable writer; likewise with USA Today. Yet reports this evening from Swimming World report that Sean Hutchison has NOT resigned from the FAST Aquatics Club and the subsequent reports in those two reputable papers mentioned above were simply rumors:

From Lane 9 News:
After a short holiday break, Hutchinson resumed coaching the elite swimmers associated with the USOC-funded program that is channeled through USA Swimming as a program hosted by Fullerton Aquatic Swim Team (FAST). [...]

Bill Jewell, CEO and head coach of FAST told Swimming World that "He (Hutchison) did not resign. He was not fired. I do not know who started those rumors nor how it got into the press. Sean did communicate a plan to move on at some point and I support that 100 percent. That is the current plan we are working under."


Both papers had quotes from Bill Jewel stating that Sean Hutchison resigned. Both papers included detailed quotes:

From the Washington Post:

"... He is going his own way," Jewell said. "I'm just not comfortable with some of the rumors, and I addressed them with him. Basically, the rest is pretty much private and personal and I don't want to get into it."

Jewell also said: "I didn't ask him to leave. I asked him to solve this problem. . . . I'm being proactive. . . . Sean has always been an entrepreneurial guy; I suspect this is really what this is about. "


From USA Today:
"...I brought these issues to Sean's attention, and Sean denied these things," Jewell said. "I, in turn, was relieved with his denial. But still, I'm a guy running this club and I've got rumors flying around out there. I've got parents saying, 'Is my child safe in your place?' I have to address these kind of issues." ..."

I find it hard to believe that both USA Today and The Washington Post would make up ad hoc quotes and put them into their papers with Bill Jewell's named attached to them. Both papers make it clear that these were Jewell's quotes. Where did they get them?

Did some anonymous source claim they overheard all of this or did Bill Jewell wake up with a "horse's head" in his bed?

Photo above: Tyler Clary wearing a FAST cap at the TYR Swim Meet of Champions.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like there may be some backtracking going on here. Why resign if there wasn't a wrong doing?

Tony Austin said...

But he never did resign... or did he?

Caren said...

Nice, another USA Swimming cover-up!

Tony Austin said...

I am going to send Amy Shipley a letter, she was the writer and see if she stands by what she wrote.