Thursday, February 24, 2011

The first venue for the 2012 Olympics is complete! - Welcome to the Velodrome!

The BBC has a spectacular gallery of the new London velodrome structure featuring photographs from both the inside and out. I am impressed with the use of a wood finish on the outside of the structure but hold will it hold up through the London Winters in years to come?

I also recommend that once the Olympics are over they allow gambling on cycling races moving forward as a way of maintaining this recreational facility as both a source of income and as a future monument to the 2012 games themselves.

A nice achievement indeed, London!
From the BBC: "... The 2012 Olympic velodrome has been formally handed over, making it the first Olympic Park venue to be completed. Construction work started in March 2009 and Olympic cycling champion Sir Chris Hoy was involved in the design consultation..."

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