Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In the end Mark Schubert was RIGHT!

[In the wake of the Dia Rianda lawsuit I regret this post and take it all back]


Anonymous said...

Its the Leonard monopoly and manufactured position of power with the ASCA banner flying as high as the USA swimming flag that is the real evil. Schubert used Leonard to get his way in the suit politics and Schubert endorses the institution of coaching that you rightly say has a "Non bid" process.Its time for the athlete to have power and hold a place as a partner and no longer a coach obedient gladiator. For his failings Schuberts and his outspoken voice for the swimmer must be applauded if this is true. Well done that man

Interestingly before the fiasco broke rumour has it Mr Schubert went and found himself one of those evil agents to push his wares for him....interesting. Love your work Tony, keep it up.

Tony Austin said...

OK, I am flatted by your compliment. It is true that Schubert was pushing for an athlete stipend and that is very admirable.

I do believe that the coach certifying process is a non-bid position but I am not entirely sure just mostly since I see no other way to get certified?

How did Schubert use Leonard to get into the suit politics? I thought is was the both Mark Schubert and Alan Thompson in Australia that went anti-suit once their athletes started getting spanked?

I am going politely ask all anonymous posters to back up their claims with references or state their claims as simply opinions as such so readers will absolutely know which is fact and which is opinion.

One little note, Gladiators were pre-dark ages. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Guess someone finally read you the riot act for an inaccurate post. Good for them. It's about time you start checking your sources and stop spreading lies. But then again, I'm not sure the truth really matters much to you. The truth is rarely as sensational as your random attacks.

Tony Austin said...

No one read me the riot - I allowed your inaccurate insult into the comment section which included an obvious ad hominen attack with no references to back up what you said.

You should add a comments section to all the crap you write and see what gets posted.

Tony Austin said...

I am deleting this post in the wake of the Dia Rianda lawsuit. I once again find this man disgusting.