Friday, March 11, 2011

Allegedly on a dare, a student during a field trip leaps off the Golden Gate Bridge but survives!

Though he did not jump at the apex of the bridge, which is 250-feet-high, he was still was 220-feet up or 22-stories. When he landed surfers who were surfing off of Fort Point rescued him. They were told he did it on a dare but students stated it was his idea. I find this perplexing since if they knew it was "his idea," why didn't they shout for help?

The student is 17-years-old, he was able to walk out of the water with a torn lung and bruising but described how he felt as bruised and a sore.

Here is a link to NBC Bay Area which has the news: [Link]

Photo taken by Rich Niewiroski Jr.


Anonymous said...

Tony you had a post about the latest anon email up last night and it disappeared within an hour ... What gives?

Tony Austin said...

In the post I absolutely denied that I was either anon nor the person known as 'A Splash of Truth. I AM NOT EITHER ONE OF THESE PEOPLE! Then I figured, how do I prove a negative once the comments lit up?

So, their latest email stated they are starting a site within 10-days - when that site is up, the heat will be completely off of me and I can't wait!