Thursday, March 10, 2011

Photos of one of the largest underwater caves known - the Ordinskaya Cave located in Russia!

To put some "WOW" into your day, the Ordinskaya Cave is located in Russia and looks both formidable and spectacular at the same time: [Link]

Here is some background on the cave:

Ordinskaya Cave is located near the southwest edge of the village of Orda in the Perm Region of Russia. The opening to the cave is located in the Kazakovskaya Mountain Massif, which overlooks the Kungur River. Karst sinkholes dot the surface of the massif and large springs bubble out of ferocious sand boils in the river below. The linear direction of flow from the cave is unloading its forces towards Arsenovskiy Spring approximately 2000 feet east of the cave entrance. This spring discharges significant volumes (300 l/sec.) of water but has not been connected through exploration at this juncture.

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