Monday, March 07, 2011

Famous author and blogger Cory Doctorow reviews swimming MP3 players!

Cory Doctorow has quite a resume; wiki him and you can read it. From civil liberty defense with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a blogger at, a journalist for Wired and the author of several books, he has written a review on what he has found to be the best MP3 player for swimming:

Look what he had to say about the Speedo Aquabeat From [deleted]

However, buying an underwater MP3 player has been more complex than I'd thought. I started with a Speedo Aquabeat, which is about the worst-designed piece of consumer electronics I've ever owned. Not only does it crash every single time I use it, it also requires some kind of proprietary Windows crapware to create custom playlists if you want to do something really complicated, like listening to all the numbered tracks of an audiobook in order. After the Aquabeat crashed with seemingly terminal finality, I tried something else. ...

Guess which MP3 player won?


hydroG said...

my friend bought a nano and took it to a tech who customized it for $50 bucks to be water proof, added some $30 water proof ear buds. fits in her cap and has great sound. Sucks because i cant talk to her in practice anymore.. "WHAT??" ...she is into metalica and cranks it during practice, her own little swim word, and hauling asss!

Tony Austin said...

Oh man, technology is making each person their own island. My best friend was telling me that he saw three girls sitting at lunch table together all texting and not even talking to one another!