Sunday, March 06, 2011

Phelps takes five wins in Indiana - posts fastest times of the year!

I am extraordinarily impressed with how Michael Phelps can jump into a pool and within 6-months 6-weeks or less can suddenly reclaim the fact that he is still the best swimmer in the world.

Let's assume that this will be the program he swims for the London 2012 games. It is entirely possible; but not a given, that he actually can win seven more gold medals. Even if he only wins two or three; (only two or three? what a concept when winning jut one gold is an overwhelmingly significant accomplishment), he would still remain in perpetuity the greatest Olympian ever but seven more gold medals would make him the greatest athlete ever produced.

It also nice not hearing any more excuses for being out of shape, unprepared, or his proverbial, "wake-up call," and actually see him roll out of bed on time and give the fans the inspiration they paid to see. :-P


Likac said...

He did pretty much the same thing two years ago. In 2009, he started training seriously in March (after the Bong-gate) and he was in great shape in late July/early August during worlds. I don't know how, but he manages to prepare for competition in a very short period of time.

Anonymous said...

He had amazing speed coming off 3 weeks of hardcore altitude training. I think its going to restore his confidence himself.

Tony Austin said...

I think science should genetically sequence his DNA for there is magic in that body!

Tony Austin said...

I did a blog post a couple years ago about high altitude training, the verdict: Train high, live low!

TedBaker said...

The King is back. Simple as that. Tony, LA General is going to appreciate your donation in a year's time... You want to double up?

Tony Austin said...

You mean L.A. Children's Hospital in your name!

Bill Ireland said...

He's swimming smart--its not realistic for him to expect to be at peak performance for every swim from 2008 to 2012. Like Likac said--its just like in 2009 when he started to ratchet up the training.

Interesting list of events at indy--100 and 200 free, 100 and 200 fly and 200 im. Gives Lochte an open field in the 200 back and 400 im and sets up races against him in the 200 im and maybe the 200 free. I'd be surprised if he did all those events at London--while it drops the 400 im and gives him a chance to win his 3rd gold in the same event in the 200 fly and the 200 im(which I don't think has ever been done for men), it means he would have to do 15 individual races plus 3 relays. I'm not saying he can't do it, but that's a heck of a lot of swims. Its more than he did in 2008 because the 400 IM is only heats and finals.

Mark Savage said...

Phelps in 2012

A radical idea but this may work...

A recent interview with Bowman says he's interested in competing in bk. He beat Lochte in Austin I believe in the 100.

200 fr- no way he won't swim this
100 bk (he can do this!)
100/200 fly- 04/08 golds... 2012 would make him no doubt the greatest flyer ever... even though he already is.
200 im- I can't see him not swimming this event

He'll swim on both fr relays and the medley

He'll swim the 100 fr at trials to make the free relay, but gives up his spot to the next guy in line if he makes the top two. Crazy idea, but I just don't see him competing in the 100 fr in London.

Another attempt at 8 medals.