Friday, July 08, 2011

'blueseventy' expo vehicle stolen - several wetsuits to be worn by open water pros in the 'Great London Swim' the likely target! - Help Find them!

A social math formula called "six degrees of separation" states that we are only six contacts away from anybody in the world. That means both you and I know somebody that knows somebody, that knows somebody, etc, etc, that knows who stole this stuff. We can find these guys that ruined a great open water race!

Please check auction sites, Craig's List etc. etc. and see if you can help out blueseventy with getting their suits back.

Note the markings, the names on the suits and good luck. Perhaps you will get a free suit out of it?

blueseventy Press Release:

Elite athlete suits stolen from capital.

Theft has left Blueseventy, the worlds leading wetsuit swimming company without a selection of Elite suits used at the Great London Swim.

After another successful Great Swim, Elite athletes returned their modified Helix wetsuits to the safe hands of the blueseventy event team. The theft of the blueseventy expo vehicle from outside their Docklands hotel has left staff scouring online sales sites in search of the suits. The series of custom Helix suits feature unique arm colors and are printed with the surnames of the worlds greatest swimmers, designed for ease of recognition during television broadcast.

Dean Jackson of blueseventy stated. “To come out of the Ramada hotel in the Docklands and see an empty space where the vehicle was left is quite sickening, especially knowing all the effort that went into ensuring the elites had custom suits of their colour and size choice, and not forgetting all the stock destined for Great Scottish Swim athletes in September”.

Blueseventy request anyone with information to come forward. Jackson also stated “if you are buying a suit from through a private sale please be vigilant and ask searching questions when being offered any suits for sale, either in person or online. An authorised blueseventy dealer is the
only fully legitimate place to buy a suit.”

Anyone who comes across these suits, particularly those with the following elite athlete surnames, should contact blueseventy immediately.

Helix elite suits with rear surname printing:

Allen, Lurz, Carry, Patten, Haerle, Wolfgarten, Oberson

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