Thursday, July 07, 2011

Old swimsuit ad evokes utter dismay and bizarre innuendos!

The horror! Look at the unattended toddler at the "tippy-edge" of the pool just waiting to fall in as the sexy blonde and presumably her husband jump in. Also note that the suit the man is wearing which is pulled well above his belly button, is made of 100% worsted wool. Double horror: Worsted wool worn "wedgie-style"certainly would make one's "$1.50" itch a bit don't you think? From Jezebel: [Link]

I just found the mother load of vintage Jantzen swimsuit ads. All these advertisements are seemingly filled with over-sexed women and ambiguously gay men most likely to appeal to all gender identities.

Flickr collection of Jantzen ads [Link]

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Glenn said...

The ONLY thing that surprises me about this ad from way back... is that they both don't have cigs in their hands!