Friday, July 29, 2011

Sending out good vibes and prayers for Chloe Sutton in the 800m Free!

Chloe was originally predicted in Swimming World Magazine to medal in her events but I suspect some sort of physical adversity has beset her. Her times at these 2011 FINA World Championships have been well off her average meet times for the events she swims and that includes meets she was swimming through.

Subsequently, I am hoping she is not ill, suffering food issues and/or time-zone problems so I am sending out good vibes and prayers her way. Go Chloe, Go Natadores, Go California!

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Anonymous said...

After watching her swims, it might help to spend less time in practice doing things like a 6000 straight and work on turns instead. Her swimming speed is comparable to the girls who medal, but she loses a bodylength on every turn, and distance swimmers don't exactly have Lochte-level turns. Even the open water swimmers in the pool events (Gorman, Payne) have better turns.