Saturday, July 30, 2011

YouTube Video: Michael Phelps wins the 100m butterfly!

His comment afterward: "...I'm not in the right shape physically right now, and I want to be faster."

Eureka, the first positive, forward-thinking, statement to come out of his mouth in a very long time: "...I want to be faster." Perhaps the giant has really awoken?

This statement was made after he logged a 50.71 in the 100-fly.

From Swimming World:
SHANGHAI, China, July 30. MICHAEL Phelps became the first man in FINA World Long Course Championships history to threepeat the men's 100 fly.

Phelps clocked a 50.71 for the victory tonight, defending his 2007 and 2009 titles in the event. Heading into tonight, he had been tied with Ian Crocker as the only men to have defended a title. Crocker won in 2003 and 2005. Phelps' time this evening is the 17th fastest effort all time, and nearly a personal textile best for Phelps, who clocked a 50.65 at U.S. Nationals in 2010.

"I'm not in the right shape physically right now, and I want to be faster," Phelps said. "It was a tough race. I just need to look for what I can do better, and I definitely need to push the first 50 meters. I will keep working on it, and think about how I can be faster."



Likac said...

I think his 100 fly is ok, it's his 200 freestyle that took a hit - not sure why. He's been experimenting with his freestyle stroke since 08. I know he has sub 1:44 in him. Maybe it's just lack of stamina?

Lindsey said...

If only that were the only thing he said. The media has been picking up on what you've been writing about for over a year. Philip Hersch just wrote a piece for the Chicago Tribune on how ungracious Phelps has been concerning Lochte's victories. Check it out:

I really, really, really want to like Phelps. He's such an amazing swimmer, but his attitude completely tarnishes anything he accomplishes in the pool.

Tony Austin said...

Lindsay, I am down with everything Phillip Hersh said! I too want to like Phelps but I can't. I can only appreciate his times and/or technique but when he opens his mouth after a loss it is usually quite disparaging in a passive aggressive way.

An athlete I am very impressed with when faced with a monumental loss is Maria Sharapova. When she lost Wimbledon, she was devastated. She was holding back tears while delivering nothing but flattering statements about he opponent's serve and ability. That shows character.

To hate losing that much and to see her fight her body and control her anger/sadness displayed an analytical self taking the high road rather than succumbing base animal instinct.

That is more impressive than a fast time or a world record. :-D

Tony Austin said...

I slipped and hit "delete" instead of publish on this anonymous comment. Luckily I still had the mail - My apologies. I screwed up.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "YouTube Video: Michael Phelps wins the 100m butter...":

You can dislike Phelps as much as you want, he was just being honest. Seems like there are a lot of people out there who will always try to take Phelps' words out of connotation and bring the worst out of it. Whatever he says, he's never humble and gracious enough, is he? Well how will you explain Lochte's words after 400IM, when he said he was rather displeased with the meet?! He made journalists laugh at those words. Well, if that's not tarnishing other people achievements, I don't know what is. There were swimmers who won one bronze and were radiating joy and happiness - for them, seeing Lochte dismissing his 5 gold medals like that - I'm sure it didn't gain him new admirers. Still, there's no word about that, only Phelps this, Phelps that. Get off of his back once for all. He's retiring anyway so find someone else to hate.

Tony Austin said...

His comments are egocentric - he believes he is so good he could have beaten Lochte. Well, he didn't.

As for Lochte. He is very gracious when compared to Phelps.

Likac said...

No problem, Tony. I apologize for not signing in. That 'anonymous' comment was mine.
Every great athlete is egocentric, I'm sure you know that. They truly believe they're the best and they can beat any other athlete out there. That's what makes them great. If they fail to win, why is so wrong if they say 'next time I'm going to be even better prepared'? I don't get what's so offensive about that. Maybe, when you dislike someone, you find in their words something that's not really there. A few days ago, Lochte called Phelps 'one of the best swimmers in the world'. Really? It's like I'd call USA 'one of the most powerful countries in the world'. Talking about passive aggressive.

Anonymous said...

When the media interviews Phelps, they tend to ask questions that are more Phelps-centric, such as "what does this mean for 2012" or "how did you feel about that swim". Even still, Phelps has said plenty of complimentary things about Lochte and generally gives the impression that they're equals. Also, what is Phelps supposed to say every time he's interviewed after a swim? He has to hold himself to his own standard, and right now many of his swims (like the 100 fly) didn't meet that standard, mainly because he's still getting back in shape. Your comment regarding Sharapova losing isn't a good comparison because Lochte was generally the favorite going into this race Phelps didn't suffer a "devastating" loss. Phelps is being analytical by identifying what he did wrong and how to improve himself: he came up short at the touch in the 200im,he had a weak third leg in the 200 free, and if he trains harder he'll be faster than Lochte next year.

Tony Austin said...

You are seemingly apologizing for his lack of preparedness.

Sherapova was dealt the devastating loss, not Phelps but Phelps' rhetoric continues to go over the same topics: not is shape, not prepared, could have won...