Sunday, August 21, 2011

'Levis 501 Jeans' Commercial circa 1992 pays homage to the 1968 move: "The Swimmer" which stared Burt Lancaster.

Yes, swimming, swimmers and pools are sexy. Why isn't there a reality show based on swimming and swimmers? Have you seen the crap on Discovery channel as of late? Sons of Guns, Ice Truckers, Deadliest Catch, Pitchman, American Chopper, and soon a show about launching anvils into the air with dynamite.

Let's be serious, there are men out there whose chests are wider than their wastes, who don't smoke, don't have to compensate, and are both strong and graceful in a sport that could almost 1/3-of-the population if they accidentally fell off a docked boat.

On a ranking of 1-to-10 with a ten being best, I give the commercial a 10. It's colorful, sexy and very "Americana."


The Screaming Viking! said...

hey- I agree, but lay off Deadliest Catch, eh?

Tony Austin said...

The Deadliest Catch crew are certainly brave individuals who work extraordinarily hard. This is not a slam on their work ethic or mind set but rather it's aslam on the socio-economic & mindset that Discovery seems to overly focus upon.

Likac said...

What happened to 'Stroke Kings' (with Lochte and Moses)?

Tony Austin said...

No release date and it includes no female swimmers which is lame for the majority of searches to my blog are for girls. Also, and I have the PDF, a USA Swimmer is most likely to 14-years-old, female and white.

Why not include swimmers who appeal to that gender which spends 80% of all the money in the US?