Thursday, October 06, 2011

Is this suit from French swimsuit maker 'Aquadeus' filled with "awesome and win" or what?

TYR and Speedo certainly are not offering suits that look this good, look that fast, and look soooo sexy!"

The Europeans are actually doing something with swimwear because they actually care whereas the American companies don't. They just "throw adjectives" at us!

I like the company so I am putting a link to them in my links column!

Here is a link to the Aquadeus Blog page: [Link]

Here is a link to the Aquadeus Facebook page: [Link]

Here is a link to their store: [Link]


surfer said...

either there is a mans hand on her back ...or this woman has "Man Hands"

but i love that she has a bikini tan line ...nice!

Tony Austin said...

Laure Manaudou has huge hands too

Rob D said...

I've poked around their site a few times after seeing links to it from a friend on facebook... I really dig their stuff!