Saturday, October 08, 2011

SCAQ is also swimming in the Redondo Beach Pool - Here is one of their workouts!

Is that a nice pool or what? The Redondo Union High School is on the corner of Diamond Street & Pacific Coast Highway. SCAQ coaches masters swimming workouts there and the club I belong to is building a presence in the Redondo Beach community. A perfect place for Redondo masters swimming or any sort of Redondo swimming if you ask me.

Here is are a couple of workouts that Clay Evans sent me which he gave in that pool; (Clay is a silver medalist Olympian from the Montreal Olympics):


"... This is one of my favorite Master’s workouts for distance and it takes only one hour. This workout was first given by Andre Burres an Olympian; [200-fly] and a SCAQ coach who passed away in an accident while jogging to coach a SCAQ workout over a decade ago.

It is all swimming, but go ahead slip some kicking in on your own if you need to.

This is one set of 3,900 yards/meters, there is no rest between ladders. If your 100's intervals are more than 1:50 you will need more than an hour or cut back. I gave this workout in Redondo Beach Monday with all other swimmers from the South Bay (Manhattan Beach, Torrance, and Hermosa).

Round one:
100, 200, 300, 400, 500 - Free Rest about 30 seconds all the way through. With each swim the effort gets harder as you get warmed up and the 500 is a 100% effort. Get your times!

Round two:
100, 200, 300, 400 with no extra rest between rounds and throw out the 500. Concentrate on the 400 as an all-out effort .

Everything leading up to it is faster than the first warm up round.

Round three:
100, 200, and 300 again, knocking out the 400 but the 300 is all out. These sets have no extra rest in between.

Round four:

100, 200 and the 200 is the fastest swim yet.
  • Next a 100 extra easy recovery swim
  • Next a 100 all out.
You are almost done! Hang on for one last effort:
  • 50 easy
  • 50 sprint
  • 200 loosen down
That is 3,900 of distance done fast and furious. The workout quickly stacks up the yards and it will relate to my next workout, a Middle Distance set given the next day.

I define "Distance Workout" as averaging less than 10-seconds rest per 100 and a main set of around 2,000 or more. I prefer the workout to lead into the next workout of the week. The workouts relate and help swimmers understand and prepare for improving their swimming.

Directions to Redondo pool: [Link]


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