Thursday, November 17, 2011

Major NASA discovery: A great lake exists on a moon of Jupiter!

A water related story from NASA. If Jupiter has water, it could feature some sort or organic life.

Personally I think the odds of life in the universe are quite high; however, I think the possibility of intelligent life or an advanced civilization like ours is highly unlikely. Just think how many animal, fish, reptile, bird, fungi, and bacteria phyla have existed? It has to be in the trillions-and-trillions yet only was one form of life out of all of them was intelligent. That is just a snippet of the odds against a planet having intelligent life.

Now how is that for an argument starter?

Bring it!


Anonymous said...

jaja.. inteligent life?
sure, next century some earthlings go to swim the Solar Cup at Jupiter!

Tony Austin said...

You betcha, I am so there!

Gemma Wilson said...

Wow - Definitely running there for a swim