Friday, November 18, 2011

Wait, isn't ASCA suppose to be the "watchdog" to ensure coaches are credible and safe to be around?

Here is a thought I shared with a friend:

Hello XXXXX,


I got to get to that ASCA post! - My premise is that they are the certifying body that USA Swimming outsourced the job of certifying coaches to. If anyone should be the "watchdog" making sure USA Swimming coaches maintain respectability it was suppose to be ASCA.


Since those who read this blog are more educated and better versed into the black arts of the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA), I ask you to ponder these question and if you like tell me what you think privately or in the "Replies" section:

1. Is ASCA equally responsible or primarily responsible for ensuring a coach is credible and safe to be coaching kids?

2. Should ASCA have been the doing background checks instead of USA Swimming?

3. ASCA is paid to be the professionals that ensure the best coaches possible for USA Swimming - Are they?

4. If you were the USA Swimming CEO: would you find a better certifying organization, take the job in-house, or would you try and fix them?

The photo above? That was a 13-year-old age-grouper who grew up to be quite a swimmer. Her name: Dara Torres!


Anonymous said...

ASCA - Education...Certification...and Cooperation

Anonymous said...

The American Swimming Coaches Association is a professional service organization based on a central theme of Leadership in American Swimming through Education, Certification, and Cooperation. We are dedicated to creating and enhancing progressive and highly visible programs that are effective in strengthening and improving the coaching profession and building a stronger swimming community

hydro said...

The fact that the very coaches who have misbehaved have ownership of the oganizations that are to oversee proper behavior a clear case of nepitism and thus they(and sush organizations) must be removed from such responsibility.

This should be the duty of an independent firm that perhaps is involved in an array of youth activities as watchdogs. The coaches had their chance (as a coach i hate to say that), they blew it, now its time for outside enforcement to be involved.

hydro said...

I don't know about you but to this day, everyone of my coaches is still "coach" and always will be. i cant imagine the legitimate grounds to call my coach or a former teacher ...lover. It would be akin to calling an aunt or parent my lover. We promote values in this sport and this perversion by to many elite coaches is destroying the core that makes our sport unique.

Tony Austin said...

Wow, Hydro, that is a keen observation. It's like the proverbial axiom: Paying the chicken hawks to guard the hen house!

Anonymous said...

how is this for rich. A coach (A.King) used a shed on a school pool deck for his inappropriate behavior with his swimmers.There were many negative emotions related to the shed after these actions were discovered and brought to light. SO... Pacific Swimming provided the facility with a grant to take down the old shed and put up a bigger one in its place(same spot, no windows). Nice!
...guess i know how to get a new shed.

hydro said...

here is a great article...

Anonymous said...

just another asca effort to force coaches to pay their annual fee with absolutely no benefits for the team or coach. it should say, renew or else. I have not renewed in 5 years.


I see that you were an ASCA Level 3 Coach. I am sure that is very important to you!

I am not sure if you are aware but you lose your certification level when your membership expires. Meaning you cannot represent yourself as a Level 3 certified coach to parents, employers or potential employers. You have taken the time to get the Level 3 status, why not keep it?? It is important to keep your ASCA Membership current, that is why I am dropping you a friendly reminder that you membership is expired!

Please renew by calling 1-800-356-2722 as soon as possible, so that you may continue your Level 3 Certification status. If you are no longer coaching or retired, we would like know that too!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Kimberly Witherington
Certification Coordinator
American Swimming Coaches Association

5101 NW 21st Avenue, Suite 200
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
tel: 1-800-356-2722 / (954) 563-4930

Tony Austin said...

Wow! "Pay us or you lose your de facto "license to coach and you skills will be summarily erased."

That so pisses me off.

I have been busy with projects and the holidays but this has me really inspired to finish my post up.

I am going to forward this to an attorney friend of mine to get his take on what I perceive to be monopoly status.

No coach can really get a job without ASCA certification, just look at the message boards at USA Swimming and elsewhere. However, since your Level three status can be taken away from you if you "don't pay the lady", well, I consider that protection money!

Thank you, you woke me!

Anonymous said...

I didn't receive threatening letters till i wrote ASCA to share concerns for the organizations and why i had no intent of renewing my membership until things changed.

Tony Austin said...

The article premiers Monday! - I am forwarding to USA Swimming for comment as well.