Saturday, November 26, 2011

'Speedo' to release a new version of their 'Fastskin' model - teaser photo included!

Speedo invited me to an event in New York which will introduce their new Fastskin model for the Olympics. It's called the Fastskin3 or if you are a math geek, the "Fastskin-cubed." [Link leads to basic math page.]

The invitation was kind of cool looking and I will post it once the event is over so as to share the images. For now the teaser shot above possibly features the new Fastskin3

From Speedo PR:


World’s Leading Swimwear Brand set to Unleash its Newest, Pioneering Swimwear Innovation

LOS ANGELES (November 25, 2011) – Speedo is set to unleash its newest pioneering swimwear innovation after gaining FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation) approval for a concept which is a world first for the sport of swimming – the Speedo FASTSKIN3.

The ground-breaking new development will be unveiled globally on Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2011 and will be worn by Team Speedo USA superstars Michael Phelps, Natalie Coughlin, Ryan Lochte, Dana Vollmer, Tyler Clary, Katie Hoff, Jessica Hardy, Christine Magnuson, Peter Vanderkaay, Kate Ziegler, Kara Lynn Joyce and Garrett Weber-Gale, and Speedo-sponsored international stars Rebecca Adlington (GBR) and James Magnussen (AUS), and many more, throughout the coming year.

Developed in Speedo’s top-secret global research and development unit, Aqualab, the brand has collaborated with world leaders in sports technology and science along with a number of the world’s leading swimmers to produce what is by far Speedo’s most advanced swimwear design since the introduction of new FINA regulations in January 2010.

The name FASTSKIN is known within the sport of swimming as being synonymous with Speedo’s reputation for pioneering new swim technologies, and FASTSKIN3 sees the famous name underpin an entirely new swimwear innovation.

Swimming phenomenon Ryan Lochte has led the early acclaim for FASTSKIN3, saying: “I’m like a single force, now I’m unstoppable.”

Speedo International President David Robinson said: “We are set to unveil an innovation that will inspire our swimmers and revolutionize the world of swimming once more. Everything comes together on Nov. 30 and we can’t wait to unveil the results.”

The new Speedo competitive swimwear range for 2012 will be available in December 2011, along with the 2012 Team Speedo Collection, a new line of deck wear and team apparel inspired by Speedo’s top stars, which will also debut at the Nov. 30 event in New York City. The event will also showcase products from Speedo’s 2012 Active Recreation and Swim Fitness lines.
I can't go due to work commitments but I am going to try and get an interview with their designer.


Anonymous said...

jaja.. Im geek, th new Fashionskin3
tdy no've mprtnc th swimsuits

Anonymous said...

Do you know where is it going to be launch? Where in New York? Thanks!

Tony Austin said...

Skylight Studios in SoHo... Gonna crash it?

Anonymous said...

The suit just looks like a bluish Lzr but the cap and google combo looks kind of retarded to be honest, particularly on women with more hair. Right now I feel like Arena has the aesthetical advantage (like that suit pic you posted a few weeks ago).

Tony Austin said...

Your comment is appreciated.

Note, I advocate for the disabled:

It would a great social courtesy to me if you refrained from using the "R-word" on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about being so insensitive.

After years of pushing sleeker and more hydrodynamic-looking swimsuit designs, Speedo has suddenly decided to maximize the cap and goggle size to the point that the cap partially covers the goggle lenses. They might have found a loophole in the FINA rules, since those have been focused on swimsuits. If you visualize the front crosssection of the swimmer, the head is easily the largest deformity and cause of drag, so new caps could have a major impact, particularly on streamlines. The elimination of drawstrings is interesting but I have the feeling that this will lead to some highly televised wardrobe malfunctions in London.

TedBaker said...

I'm liking what I'm seeing. The suit - goggle - cap combo looks like an evolution of the current product line, not a revolution. And they've worked with FINA to make sure it's within the guidelines.

It will be interesting to see what Arena comes up with in terms of a cap & goggle combo... Some Pinafara inspired Italian design, please!

Anonymous said...

Tyler Clary - Superstar???

Don't think so!!!

Tony Austin said...

there are a couple names on that list that are arguable besides his.

I think Tyler is a great swimmer... HE is definitely smarter than two of the "super superstars" named

Anonymous said...

Clary would be (and will be) a superstar, if not for Lochte and Phelps. At the moment, Clary (and possibly Adrian) are the only US men who can win gold, or even have a good chance of medaling, when Phelps and Lochte are gone.

hydro said...

BUT... Phelps and Lochte are not gone, and 2016 is 5 years away. There are a number of 14 year old boys about to bust out, they will 19-20 in 2016. Not gunna worry about 'what if'

Tony Austin said...

I am so about go off on a 1000-word business rant/tangent. Please forgive me

Clary is quite a gentleman as well he may prefer to move on post 2012.

As for Lochte and Phelps, both have nowhere to go after 2012. Thy will both be pushed to swim 4-years from now by USA Swimming and their agents. They will pose a problem for many athletes when they do so.

Lochte has a chance of breaking out but it's small. He is no Lindsey Vonn who has both the personality and substance to articulate specific nuances about her personal feelings and nuances about her sport. Both Vonn and Lochte are good looking, have infectious personalities, and even the obligatory blue eyes but Lochte speaks mostly in phrases or cliches. Vonn zeroes in on her emotions with laser beam precision. Currently Vonn's yearly earnings are up there with Maria Sharapova making both the highest paid female athletes in history.

No doubt Lochte is quite charismatic but he needs to hit books and read more, associate with with smarter people from different disciplines and be mentored. His misspelled "hooked on phonics" t-shirt was funny but that is not a brand vehicle he should be aiming for. Leave that to the rappers who fake stupidity so they can be accessible to their public. (Note, Caucasian country music stars do it too.)

Anonymous said...

A gentleman? hmmmm

My definition of a gentleman would include someone with integrity and the courage to do the right thing!!!

Tony Austin said...

Am I missing something? I don't get the inference here.