Thursday, December 01, 2011

Fastskin-3 released - Swim media perplexed!

I am curious about the material and I have an email into the Speedo, Aqualab designer. In that email I ask about the material, any hydrophobic coating, stitch-differences when compared to the Fastskin-2, their feelings about the potential return of techsuits in 2013, and I blatantly ask what is more better and different about the suit. Hopefully I get answers today.

The Daily Mail does a profile on the new suit and it appears that only Commonwealth countries are covering the launch with enthusiasm.

The Daily Mail drops a "decontrsctionist" bomb in their headline stating:

"...Hopefully it won't be banned this time:"

I am so down with that sentiment. It is refreshing to hear a successful newspaper state the obvious about technology and sport - people want to see something that has never been done before, they do not want to sit done with an almanac and compare numbers. to wit: The average person watching the Olympic Games is not going to compare Chloe Sutton's 400-free time to that of Sippy Woodhead circa 1983. They want to see a spectacle.

I will cut to the chase - From the Daily Mail:
"... The components all work together to streamline a swimmer's body. Speedo claims that swimmers will gain an extra 11 per cent in oxygen economy by wearing the system - allowing them to swim stronger for longer. It also reduces skin friction drag by 2.7 per cent and full body drag force by 5.7 per cent. ..."


That is an extraordinary claim. The American press is not embracing this like the Commonwealth press is. Some colleagues who cover swimming and some of my friends who closely watch the sport have chatted about it to me and most feel the claims about skin friction and oxygen economy are seemingly incredulous and we want to see the studies, tests etc. etc.


TedBaker said...

If you look at the fine print on Speedo's claims, the percentage improvements are versus silicone dome caps, their Speed-socket goggles and, I think, their Aquablade suit.

It looks like the big improvement is the cap, goggle and "hair management" system.

I like what I'm seeing. It's an incremental, controlled improvement. It means we'll talking about swimming this summer, not suits.

Tony Austin said...

I am actually considering buying the system and doing my own tests.

Anonymous said...

Tony Austin said...
I am actually considering buying the system and doing my own tests.

Jaja.. we wait for it with anxiety!

Tony Austin said...


Anonymous said...

jaja.. for what U waiting?

mic said...

I am anxious to get the Speedo execs that approved this crap to get their big fat asses back down to earth so i can kick them to the moon. someone needs to be fired, this is some lousy swag.

Tony Austin said...

I am releasing more stuff on it tomorrow.