Wednesday, November 02, 2011

This is a factual headline: "...Athletes Seek Out Stem Cell Therapy!"

So I am cruising around checking out stem cells stocks between doing some design work for Virgin Mobile US and and a presentation for WEN shampoo. Lo' and behold the most eye-opening headline I have read this year from the website called Seeking Alpha: Read. Decide. Invest. pops onto my radar

The article needs this preface: Using stem cells gathered from a patients' own fat - a procedure that yields more stem cells than from a person's own bone marrow, a super healing product may have been created.

"Good Sign For Cytori Therapeutics: Athletes Seek Out Stem Cell Therapy!

Based on Hedrick’s research, Cytori Therapeutics has invested over $200,0000,000 to develop and patent its Celution® technology platform, a technology that quickly and efficiently extracts rich concentrations of ADRCs from small portions of fat, and to develop supporting disposable instruments that are used to treat various human maladies. This is the big bet that has yet to pay off for shareholders, but the ground work is certainly being laid. Adipose has a distinct advantage as a source of regenerative cells in that it contains 300-500 more stem cells than bone marrow, is easier on the patient to extract and does not come with the moral baggage associated with embryonic stem cells. ..."

I am not an investor in Cytori Therapeutics, nor was I paid or directed to post this article for any sort of exchange or quid pro quo deal. I do own a stem cell stock which I won't mention and I own it because their work is addressing a field which could have positive effects for someone I hold very dear. I post this report because it is weird on many philosophical levels. Are we at a point where rich people can heal faster than poor people? I think so - it has probably always been that way. How much would you pay or go in deep in to debt to alleviate a chronic pain, a failing body part, perhaps correct your vision or fix your hearing? For real, answer in the comments section.

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surfer said...

i would be willing to spent $200,0000,000