Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Who would win in a fight: Ian Thorpe, Eamon Sullivan or James Magnussen? We will find out next week!

Thorpe will be swimming the 100-free - I hope he "storms it" or puts in a time on par with his best. It's funny how an athlete can not only be an underdog but barely a dog at all and still be the focal point of a sport within the Common Wealth Commonwealth. (Google search trends validates that statement.)

As for Ian Thorpe: For the Common Wealth Commonwealth countries, Ian Thorpe is their swimmer. He hangs with both royalty and indigenous Australians. He is liked from the the upper class and down through to the struggling underclasses. He will be racing Eamon Sullivan next week:

From the Herald Sun:

Thorpe officially starts his comeback in a World Cup meet in Singapore tomorrow by competing in the 100m individual medley.

Sullivan may also race Thorpe in the 100m freestyle in the final World Cup leg in Tokyo next week.

"I had not even thought about it," Sullivan said, with a laugh. "I did not even know he was doing it (freestyle). I thought he was just doing IMs and all weird events."

"Look, I am looking forward to it but at this point of the preparation it isn't about competitors at all. It is about how I am racing and the stuff I am doing. It is more about practice than thinking about beating people.

"It is a completely different ball game than when you are coming up to Olympic trials. Especially where I am at at the moment it is not in my mindset to worry about other people."


UPDATE: Who is more ripped: Thorpe or Lochte? - A video interview with Thorpe with an amazing silhouette of his physique.


TedBaker said...

It's Commonwealth; one word, not two.

I think he's going to shock people. I think he's going to be very fast... Not sure about short course, though, because his underwater work is is a bit of an unknown. If he's got that down, though, he'll be right. I'm really looking forward to seeing his swims.

Tony Austin said...

Commonwealth - I will correct it tonight. :-)

He has a new turn: When he flips he is completely on his back when he goes to push off the walls. It earlier videos he twists through the water creating drag.

Anonymous said...

where did you see that new turn? link, please, please, please

Tony Austin said...

I have added it to the Post, It is within the update!

Who is more ripped Thorpe or Lochte. Also, it is a fast clip of him flipping. Note how he does not twist when turning. He turns like me now! :-P