Monday, December 19, 2011

Chris DeSantis spent 100-minutes with USA Swimming CEO Chuck Wielgus

Chris DeSantis interviews Chuck Wielgus - here is a snippet:
"...I asked him later whether he thought USA Swimming members had a right to be disappointed in his leadership. He admitted that he felt badly about his performance in the ABC 20/20 interview but followed that up with a defense of why he did not do well. He cited that the 20/20 interview was the only disappointment that the USA Swimming board had in him. ..."

I just can't think of anything funny to say so I will say this: This interview has now elevated swim blogging into a quasi-journalistic endeavor. Perhaps in the eyes of the law bloggers are not journalists but to CEOs, marketeers, and PR people, we are now a hybrid that has to be considered. :-P

Thanks Chris!


Anonymous said...

PR nightmare indeed - not as easy to sweep issues under the rug!

Tony Austin said...

no doubt! perhaps I should do an interview with the anonymous CEO?

100-minutes with anonymous; yes/no?

surfer said...

i hope you mean ASCA. good luck

Tony Austin said...

I would love to interview John Leonard! I would even accept and email interview so he could deliver measured answers.

Cliff Murray said...

I am glad Chris could do this interview. I am too much of a hothead and would probably have lost it and stormed out halfway through the meeting. I just hope Chris's effort engage more membership, and that eventually we will get some new leadership.

surfer said...

I guarantee Leonard will never embrace such positive effort to build the image of his organization or the sport of swimming.