Saturday, December 17, 2011

What powers Speedo’s FASTSKIN³ swimsuits - Invista Lycra fiber does

Here is a very interesting article about composition of the FASTSKIN³ swimsuit. By the way, and speaking of the FASTSKIN³, I suspect that Speedo's arm-hole, suit-entry, system for females will presumably be made available men in 2013 when tech-suits come back from their "temporary exile."


"... The FASTSKIN³ Super Elite Swimsuit uses the highly innovative HYDRO-K ZONE 3D FABRIC which contains Invista's premium fibre for swimwear - Xtra Life Lycra fibre. The varying counts of Lycra fibre knitted throughout the fabric help to create the graduated compression across different body zones.

For female swimmers, Speedo has developed an innovative Arm Hole Entry system which makes the garment easier to get on and off, yet still providing maximum coverage of fabric over the body, and thereby optimising hydrodynamic performance. The high Lycra fibre content helps to create the extreme stretch and recovery required for the athlete to physically fit into the suit through the armhole. ..."

  • Long-lasting, beautiful fit

  • Up to 10 times more resistant to chlorine than standard elastane

  • Resists "bag and sag"found in swimwear made with standard elastane

  • Ensures swimwear has stretch and recovery power and fits like new for longer



surfer said...

speedo = rubbish!!!

surfer said...

interesting the new suit is just in time to claim all the upcoming world records in the Olympic year are in part dependent on Speedo's suit technology.
Excuse me while i sneeze, ...Horsesssheeet!

Tony Austin said...

Did you see the write-up in Wired Mag. Obviously has no clue about swimming.

Cliff Murray said...

I really hope that these $595 suits aren't what is leading the way in 2012 and beyond. I hate the idea of a suit making that big of a difference. I guess we will see if it does in London.

Here is one guy who hopes the tech suit ban goes beyond 2013.

$100 dollar goggles to match the suit!!!! Outrageous.