Saturday, December 17, 2011

Engadget: Wearables Garmin's Forerunner 910XT sport watch begs to become your new swimming buddy!

This went passed me in October, sorry I missed it. This would be quite a watch for triathletes and open water swimmers. I am actually considering it for open water training; here is why - GPS mapping.

Endgadget's partial synopsis:
"... With a price tag of $400, it's certainly intended for the most dedicated (or affluent) jocks, but for the outlay of cash, you'll find it provides detailed metrics such as swim distance, pool lengths, along with stroke identification and count. It even goes so far as to report one's SWOLF score, which is a measure of a swimmer's efficiency (calculated as the number of strokes to swim a lap, plus the time to travel said distance). ..."
Now more details within the press release posted at Endgadget:

"... With Forerunner 910XT, swimming will never be the same again. Designed for both open water and pool swimming, Forerunner 910XT is water resistant to 50 meters and is Garmin's first multisport watch to offer extensive swim metrics, including swim distance, stroke identification, stroke count and pool lengths. It also computes a user's swolf score – the sum of the time for one length plus the number of strokes for that length. For example, 30 seconds plus 15 strokes equals a swolf score of 45. Swolf is a measurement of swimming efficiency and, like golf, lower is better. The 910XT's robust design and easy operation make it suited for other water sports, including paddle boarding, kayaking and windsurfing to name a few.
[I am critical of the stroke count philosophy. Janet Evans had a high stroke count and her records lasted for decades.]
When an athlete is ready to jump out of the water and onto the bike, Forerunner 910XT moves easily from wrist to handlebar with the optional quick release and bike mounts. Forerunner 910XT categorizes multisport activities in one workout and can also log transition time in the process, so triathletes can analyze their performance from start to finish. And with up to 20 hours of battery life, even hardcore endurance athletes can push themselves further than ever.

The press release and posting is much longer, I suggest you check it out.


Kenneth Gibbons said...

I am a big swimmer and love the watch. Great Blog on it.

Liezl Siozon said...

I bought this watch and love it. I been swimming for most of my life. This is the best swimmer watch I have seen. Great Blog!

Anonymous said...

jaja..$400 to do 31' in 1500m?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE my Garmin - perfect gift for male or female!

Tony Austin said...

Review it for us, tell us how you use it?