Thursday, March 08, 2012

Federica Pellegrini swims a 4:05.70 in the 400m free - 3-seconds slower than Rebecca Adlington's best

Federica Pellegrini dominated her two events at the Italian National Championships.

In her signature event, the 400m-free, she swam a "good-enough-to-win" time of 4:05.70 and then placed first in the 100m-free swimming a 54.73. (Note: She went out in a 27 for the first 50.)

Days ago Rebecca Adlington swam a 4:02.84, some 3-seconds faster in the event than Pellegrini. This has to give Adlington some confidence especially after she was beaten by Pellegrini at the 2011 Fina World Championships. However, Pellegrini was largely unchallenged in the event swimming by herself for the most part which may have had something to do with a less inspired time.

From Swimming World:

Federica Pellegrini cruised to victory in the women's 400 free with a 4:05.70, moving into the top five in the world with the swim. She swam largely alone as Alessia Filippi placed second in 4:11.67. Alice Nesti snared third overall in 4:11.71.

The Photo above comes from Altri Sport that has more personal details about her love life and her quotes post race.


Anonymous said...

Her signature event is the 200m free - both her Olympic medals are in this.

Tony Austin said...

I considered it her signature event since she defeated Rebeddca Adlington at Worlds last year and currently owns the the world record in the event

Bill Ireland said...

the problem with comparing early season times is not knowing where the swimmers are in their training cycle. Adlington had competition to qualify for the BOT so I presume she tapered and rested. I doubt if Pellegrini tapered or rested since it sounds like she didn't have to worry about qualifying. But I don't know. I would expect Pellegrini to be a finalist at London and fighting for a medal--and same for Adlington.

Tony Austin said...

Pellegrini said she was happy with the time so there is a lot of credence in your observation.