Friday, March 09, 2012

Refreshing change: Excuses are gone - Phelps is being honest and talking like a champion now!

The Columbus Dispatch has an article with numerous quotes from Michael Phelps regarding his state of mind and his future intentions. It's refreshing to see him admit that he was depressed post Beijing; (probably because the hunt is always better than the kill), and that he has realized that "his moment" has almost expired and subsequently that he should go hard and have some fun.

Yeah, that's the spirit, Michael!

From the Columbus Dispatch:

"For me, right now, there are still things I want to accomplish in the sport. I know that I’m not going to have this opportunity for too much longer. So I might as well give it one more shot, one more go at it, and have fun," he said yesterday in advance of the Columbus Grand Prix event at Ohio State.



Bill Ireland said...

Its not surprising--the same thing happened after Athens, even if not to the same degree. He fumbled around, didn't swim great and took his time before getting back into heavy training. And based on his times at the Columbus Grand Prix, he is training very hard and should be tough to beat at London.

What is interesting to wonder about is if he might end up coming back for 2016. Stay mostly dry in 2013/2014. Train moderate in 2015 and train like a fiend in 2016. That sounds like what he did in this Olympic cycle and he would only be 31 in 2016. Not impossible even if he says no way now. It would be the only way to bump his commercial value.

Tony Austin said...

I believe and suggest the following: He only swims events he can win thereby not allowing Lochte or anyone else to touch his golden reputation. He says he is interested in 2016 thereby allowing sponsors to send money his and then two-plus years before he starts training.

Anonymous said...

Phelps back for 2016 Games? Wishful thinking. The guy is sick and tired of swimming.