Sunday, March 11, 2012

Japan Tsunami: tens-of-thousands of people both erased and forgotten!

Half-a-century ago Miyako, Japan, was ravaged by a devastating tsunami. Their reaction was to build 30-foot tall tsunami sea walls to protect the city. When "The Tsunami" hit one year ago this past weekend, their 30-foot walls were put to the test against 30-foot high tsunami waves.

Why did the 30-foot walls fail against a 30 foot tall tsunami wave?

The walls obviously lost but not as a result of bad engineering or wall-height. What created the devastation upon the city of Miyako was that their coastline; (read this slowly), their coastline dropped three feet in elevation once the quake finished thus reducing their real relative height down to 27-feet. Thus that 3-feet subtraction was enough to destroy the town. See the video above.

Here is a link to all the posts I made during that that terrible day: [Link]

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