Sunday, April 15, 2012

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange: "Swimming Pools, Not Prison"

John Lash writes that when public money is spent you get what you pay for. Ergo, if you spend more public money on more-and-more police services, you fill up more cells. If you spend the money on swimming pools, you get kids filling their time during the hot summers in a pool rather than a back alley with a can of spray paint.

He poorly argues his conclusion but what I have experienced in my own personal life in regards to kids is that "Idle hands, oiled with boredom, is the "devil's industrial complex."

From Juvenile Justice Information Exchange:

One friend was telling me how miserable the summers in that part of the country are. They have a lot of days in the 90s, and often even crossing the 100 mark on the thermometer. The humidity is oppressive. I told my friend how much it sounded like the place where I grew up, and I was reminded of this when I read a recent story at, a Baltimore area news site, titled, “Schools and pools shuttered while city officials advocate for cells and bells. ...”


Above is a photo of some urbanized, impromptu swimming pools that have all been well received. See a whole gallery of them at  [Link]

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