Sunday, April 15, 2012

Last week I criticized the London 2012 Olympics Swimming poster - Here is my version in response!

If I am going to criticize the work of another artist than I have to 'throw my hat into the ring' and see if I can submit a better version.

The premise of the poster was to resonate swimming. Howard Hodgkin chose blue, thrashing, brush strokes to resonate the ferocity of our sport. I chose to graphically  illustrate the objective.

I gave myself one-hour to come up with completed concept poster design: I lost; took 1-hour-10-minutes.

Above is my version; below is the official London 2012 Version.

Flame away, I am open to constructive criticisms and well crafted insults.


Lee said...

I like your design --I would hang it in my office with my other swimming posters

Tony Austin said...

I will make a high rez PDF and give it away for free to anyone who wants it. This way a person can go to Kinkos, their own desktop printer or go perhaps go "swanky" and get a Glicée print on archival paper any size they want.

You can post it on the web, or print on the cover of a book but please credit me.

I am amazingly flattered. :-D


Unknown said...

Nicely done, Tony.

If you had months and months of time and pounds and pounds of money - as the other artist had for this job - you might have over-thought this, just as the other artist did.

Tony Austin said...

Than you. :-D

If I had months-and-months & Pounds-&-Pounds -- Especially the pounds-& -Pounds --WOW!

Anonymous said...

I like it too!

John Craig said...

Yours is far better.

Most modern art is worthless.