Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rebecca Adlington's Twitter account as described in a 63-word sentence by Craig Lord

Craig Lord writes: "...In the past week, Rebecca Adlington has sent out more than 50 tweets, visible to the 48,935 who follow her and the whole world in the transparent myosphere of mini messages that dance along a spectrum of human nature, from the stuff that makes you smile for myriad reasons to the stuff that makes you weep for the woe to be found therein. ..." [Link]

I have to admit I had to look up the word myosphere. It sounded so important and intellectual that I had to see if I could use it somewhere so I could sound smart too. Well... it turns out it is not a real word. I did find a slang usage that stated the following: "...Made up region of the atmosphere used as a BS test answer by geography students. Official sounding, and might fool slow-witted teaching interns..." [Link]

I am the last person who is eligible to spank Craig Lord's writing since I myself have proven day-in and day-out that I have definitely not mastered the "black arts" of English grammar and spelling. SO, if I am going to criticize Craig Lord's keyboard for "drinking", I should be expected to produce something better; here goes...

Rebecca Adlington has a Twitter account, a very dangerous weapon in the hands of a celebrity especially if they "shoot their mouths off" before they "aim." She's got enough followers to fill up a moderately sized football stadium yet she is leveraging her Twitter account like a personal diary rather than a news and promotional tool.

Tweets Include:

"... I'm not an athlete who wants to do everything they can to raise their profile. It's not about that - it's about me swimming. It's not about making lots of money. I want to let my swimming do the talking more than anything else. ..."
"... I used to read all the stuff about me but I'm one of those people who scroll down to the bottom and read the comments thing. I learned very quickly not to do that," she said at a small gathering of media of late. "It is awful and I get angry. Even if there are 10 nice comments you get one idiot. I've now given up. It upsets me or gets me angry. ..."

My advice to Adlington: There was a famous comedic actor by the name of Charlie Chaplin. He was so good at his craft that there would not be a Jim Carry or a Jerry Lewis if it were not for him. Even Albert Einstein adored him and they would hang out together.

One day they both arrived at party together and everyone in attendance stopped what they were doing and began applauding them. Albert Einstein, under his breath asked Charlie Chaplin, "what does this mean, this applause; " - What does this mean?" Chaplin replied, "It means nothing. Absolutely nothing."

What the public says, what this blogger says, means absolutely nothing. You are not running for office; but note, the fact that we are saying anything means you were worthy of our time, efforts and attention. Please enjoy it, and please enjoy yourself.

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